about-companyBARD1 Life Sciences Ltd (ASX:BD1) is an Australian life sciences company developing novel diagnostics and therapeutics for unmet needs in cancer. Our proprietary BARD1 Technology is based on BARD1, a tumour suppressor in healthy individuals and important tumour biomarker in cancer. Our lead product the BARD1 Lung Cancer Test is a non-invasive blood test in development for early detection of lung cancer. We are also researching a high-value pipeline of potential diagnostic and therapeutic products for multiple cancers. BARD1 is committed to transforming the early detection and prevention of cancer to help improve patients’ lives.

BARD1 Life Sciences Ltd was formed in June 2016, after acquiring BARD1AG SA and listing on the Australian Stock Exchange as ASX:BD1. Our research activities are currently performed under a research contract at the University of Geneva (UNIGE).

The BARD1 technology was originally developed by a leading research team at the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and University Hospital of Geneva (HUG). The research team, led by internationally renowned scientist Dr Irmgard Irminger-Finger, cloned the BARD1 gene and determined its biological function, pioneered translational research validating BARD1 autoantibodies as an important biomarker for cancer, built a solid intellectual property portfolio, established collaborations worldwide and received multiple grants to advance the commercialisation of the BARD1 technology for diagnostic and therapeutic uses in cancer.

BARD1’s business strategy is to focus on leveraging its BARD1 Technology to develop diagnostic tests for early detection of cancer where there are clear unmet needs and product advantages. BARD1 plans to deliver clinical evidence to demonstrate medical value and enable medical device marketing or approval of diagnostic tests in key marketplaces including Europe, Australia, and the USA. The diagnostic products will be commercialised through licensing use of the laboratory tests to central laboratories for royalties on sales of testing services, or via a trade sale or licensing of the approved in vitro diagnostic tests by multinational partners for commercial milestones and royalties. Importantly, BARD1 will strive to create value for ASX:BD1 shareholders.