Product description

technologyThe BARD1 Lung Cancer Test is a simple, non-invasive blood test in development for early detection of lung cancer. The test detects BARD1 autoantibodies that are released from cancer cells into the blood, even from early-stage tumours, making the BARD1 Test potentially more accurate for screening and diagnosis of early-stage lung cancer. Preliminary results indicate that the BARD1 Test will have sensitivity greater than 90% and false positives less than 10% for lung cancer.

The BARD1 Lung Cancer Test can be potentially used as a screening test for early detection of lung cancer in high-risk individuals that are asymptomatic, or as a diagnostic test for detection of lung cancer in symptomatic individuals, or as diagnostic aid to confirm a suspicious CT Scan as lung cancer.
There is an established correlation between smoking habits and lung cancer, therefore BARD1 tests are aimed at smokers with a long history of smoking to be conducted on a regular basis. BARD1 tests would be applicable generally, to detect cancer before symptoms indicate the presence of the disease. Smoking 12 cigarettes per day is considered within the high-risk zone. The test will be ordered by your doctor, then a blood sample (less than 1mL) will be collected and sent for routine analysis to a standard laboratory that will provide the test result back to your doctor within 3-5 days.

roc-curve_bd1-lung-testThe BARD1 Test is being standardised as a highly sensitive ELISA-assay in a 96-well plate format. The plates are pre-coated with an optimal BARD1 epitope combination that captures anti-BARD1 antibodies in the blood specific for lung cancer. Antibody binding is then measured by electrochemiluminescence in a dynamic-range system. Meso Scale Diagnostics (MSD) has been engaged to transfer, optimise and validate the BARD1 Test on a proven instrument platform to enable fast, accurate and reliable testing across centralised laboratories.

BARD1 is undertaking analytical and clinical validation studies to further develop, optimise and validate the BARD1 Lung Cancer Test for early detection of lung cancer and enable marketing or approval of the test for commercial sale.

The BARD1 Lung Cancer Test offers potential convenience, safety, accuracy and cost advantages over other diagnostic methods:

  • Simple blood collection, standard lab methods and fast results
  • Safe non-invasive blood test can be repeated at regular intervals and compliment other diagnostic procedures
  • Accurate with expected high sensitivity of around 90% and false positives of less than 10%
  • Affordable at an estimated $200 per test