Product description

technologyThe BARD1-Lung test is an ELISA-based blood test in development for early detection of lung cancer. The test measures multiple BARD1 autoantibodies in the blood and uses a proprietary diagnostic algorithm to combine these levels into a cancer score that identifies the presence or absence of lung cancer.

BARD1-Lung could potentially be used as a screening test for early detection of lung cancer in high-risk asymptomatic individuals, as a diagnostic aid for lung cancer in people with symptoms, or to assess the risk of malignancy in people with indeterminate pulmonary nodules following a CT scan.

There is an established correlation between smoking and lung cancer. BARD1-Lung is being developed to test high-risk individuals that have a history of smoking before symptoms occur. Smoking 12 cigarettes per day is considered within the high-risk zone.

BARD1-Lung will be initially commercialised as a laboratory devloped test that will be ordered by your doctor, then a blood sample (less than 1mL) will be collected and sent for routine analysis to a certified laboratory that will provide the test result back to your doctor.

roc-curve_bd1-lung-testBARD1 Tests may address unmet needs for early detection of cancer in high-risk asymptomatic people to help inform decision-making and save people’s lives. Potential benefits include:

  • Non-invasive: Safe and convenient blood samples
  • Sensitive: Accurately detects people with cancer
  • Specific: Avoids unnecessary invasive and costly follow-up procedures
  • Cost-effective: Affordable and reduces healthcare costs
  • Early detection: Enables earlier treatment, improves patient outcomes and saves lives